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Dominance Games: The power to dictate

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Dominance Games / Politics

Small government.  Big Government.  Public money.  Private money.  People starving.  People not starving.  Helping a neighbor out of the goodness of ones heart.  Helping a neighbor out of the largess of public policy.  Spending for this.  Spending for that.  Buying this.  Buying that. Demand for goods.  Demand for services.  Satisfying demand.  Nurturing demand.

In the end that for which there is demand for gets dealt with.  That for which there is demand for gets approached and , with varying degrees of success, gets attention.  In the end the efficiencies of the market work extremely well where they work extremely well.  The grand public panorama of effective government handles things that are beyond the scope of capitalist incentive….beyond the vagueries and whims  of the decision makers and power brokers in a competitive market place.

Safety nets in society bind us together.  Mass poverty and illness are in no ones interest save those who envision a different world… of only corporate sanctioned winners.

In the end there are rational, common sense needs of a civilized world.  There are rational, civilized needs for checks and balances, protections from those who may act in their own best interests in no others.  There are lines that should never be crossed when seeking a just and fair world.  There are certain truths that are implied in the social contract of any society…..change those truths and the society is no longer a harmonic whole.

In the end, if there is a common purpose and a common identity and common interests things sorted out come from the same pie…….You pay one way or the other.   In the end the viscous battle are between those who wish the power to dictate.

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