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Dominance Games: Eat our young

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Dominance Games / Politics

Afflict the comfortable.  Comfort the afflicted.  An old journalistic maxim with the prisms of today’s general journeys into darkness throws on its ear, into the pits of hell, staunchly making it a target for primitive species every where.

With a  bias towards the mighty and mighty, the powerful and the grasping popular segments of the free society see erstwhile  hedonists, communists, swamp swine and other morally unnecessary heathen in those who would have sympathy for a sentiment so demeaning to achievement, a place in the pecking order, the comforts of their masters.

With a bias against the achieving, ruling classes, those who achieve power n general there are those who see sin, avarice, gluttony always there to behold n to skewer.  There is unearned bounty to covet and use.

The conundrum of selective virtue.

A neat little bias towards order and societal structure holds well for those with paths to horizons acceptable in their minds eye and in their true hearts.  A neat little bias towards order and societal structure holds well with those who hate the poor and disenfranchised.

A comfortable bias  towards society’s afflicted holds well for those who see all afflictions as terminal or deadly diseases offering no reasonable help of cure.  It is not always easy to distinguish.

Able and fat, sustainable and surviving….at what point is a desire to comfort the afflicted thrown out of the equations of public policy, economic policy, public morality, public virtue, public hate?  At what point do we start to eat our young?

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