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Dominance Games: The frat boys of Pa and Wi

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Dominance Games:

Oh no…… we just want fairness in our state’s representation……. Pa. and Wisc. republican denizens of democracy and practical politics wish to reform electoral vote tabulations so that it will not be winner take all but imbalanced districts skewing and gaming the results so that the prospect of a democrat win is not something that would have any meaning…..

Angels, neither party.  Incorruptible, neither party.   Childish….. well we get political correctness in the extreme hurtling down from the smug and self righteous of the democrat persuasion.  Cringing is often in order.  For sheer spectacle and images rampant and pristine for all who missed high school and college fraternity politics we have  legislators of the republican persuasion scheming and wheedling away to glory and immaturity.  This … behavior to stake gravitas upon.  It is ever thus…give a child a weapon and the weapon gets abused.  And you thought governing was about governing.

Let the talkers and the whiners, the apologists and the propagandists, the paid flacks and the paid intimidators color this stuff any way they wish.  Immaturity is king when immaturity is what sells.  Be base and self absorbed and full of adolescent hate and we get the stupid shows of stupid shows.  Never gonna change.

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