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Dominance Games / Politics: Halloween

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Dominance Games / Politics

So you hate your congressperson.  So congress is terminally flawed and irredeemably flatulent.  So the winds of wonder never touch down when those in congress choose to make it out of their draconian dens and their edifices of rubble.  So the sun never shines where they trundle and the quality of life on earth only spirals downward whenever and wherever they open their mouths and try not to be too transparently soulless.

So they’re all vile and evil and laughable and psychically, morally, intellectually bankrupt.  So when they do anything but stand in the way of opportunity growth, sense, reason, spirit they foam at the mouth and pass rabies to all with whom thy come in contact.

Flay them.  Slay them.  Admonish them.  Make them oafs of derision.  Hammer them. Waltz with them.  Club them.   They will not die.  The will go on and on and on forever.  Forever and a day.  And the day after that.  They will be eternal.  The beasts who will not die.  The beasts who will not melt.  The beasts who will keep coming and coming and groping and groping.

How in hell are you going to get rid of them.  It ain’t in the script.  It ain’t in the picture.  Monsters never die.  They have better tricks and better agents than you do.

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