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Dominance Games / Politics: Sand kicked in faces at the beach. In weakness of execution exalt.

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Dominance Games / Politics

Is it so hard to factor in a decent value structure into the vast void and barren landscape that is the place where our intrepid political and cultural warriors live?

The very many heroes and heroines of our songs and stories, our dribble and spew, are simply just strong enough to work the magic of preset opinion, preset formula, preset world view, preset wars to enable them to claim to be the vanquishing soldiers of the sun and the winnowing whips of fury.

It takes strength and character to face the void and go through the intellectually humbling tasks of squeezing every last ounce and angle, false fact and false premise, hateful hook and stereotypical slander out of any bit of business, story, argument, policy mist or vague hint at actual facts.

A public mouth, public angler, private mouth, private angler should be a proud and vivid thing.  All preaching staunchness and the fruits of manly toughness they practice well the bullish arts of might and right, of the big lie and the small derision, the propped up symbolism and the herd mentality.

Strong and viscous, terrifying and vivacious, the agenda setters are the best of the best, the king wrestlers in the swamp of a ring.

They are just not strong enough to build their precisions and their emptiness around well versed, well constructed, fondling of fact based, mincing of honor based, cores of arguments and premises that might require other than a love for and worship of the tired, the dim, the loud and the self rewarding.

Up the heavers.  In weakness of execution they exalt.  They have the current paths to acceptability and power.  Strength is in the willing so of that which is useful and that which is convenient.  Players who respect other avenues or virtues  are the naive waifs and powerless frolics who get sand kicked in their faces at the beach.  tough makes truth.  Wisdom makes tedium.  Intellectual laziness is for those who care.  Th e flag flies high in the winds of the felonious assaults upon invasive questioning.  Lack of certainty is lack of standing.  the weak of analysis are the masters of the universe of the message makers.  “Go maim”….the call of out pristine wild.  The wolf is king.

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