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Heat that lets us burn in hell

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Social issues work from the outside in.  Broad swaths of cantankerous folk have their pet peeves and their pet heroes and wish to tilt the world towards the better places of their envisioned kingdoms.  They sweat the fury and the dramatics of the great causes of their minds and times and challenge the rest of the uninformed masses to be as smart or as vigilante as they.  It is the identity of spirit that makes their little worlds go round and the identity of spirit is identity paramount.

Working from the inside out, from established common ground, would mean a putrid exclamation that there may be tings that are close enough in idea and acceptance in our culture of disarray.  Alas this would require the admission of believing in culture ….. something that the special have no stomach for.

We vote not , then, from the inside out, towards the making of a better us …. we vote not to improve upon anything that may be rightly done or that rightly settled.  We love the stimuli of the wretched provocateur … the stimuli of the grand peaks and shallow valleys of intimidation, rejection, self immolation, self aggrandizement and sainthood.   There is only the heat …. never the light …. Heat that lets us burn in hell.

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