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A hell of a lot for our money

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Do we go with the socialist left?  Or do we go with the fascist right?

Do we go with the real, rabid ideologues?  Or do we go with the fake vapid ones?

Do we drink before or after the election?  Or both?

Do we get to watch the party line regulars pretend that they have a thought or position that is their own?  Do we get the shrug and slug crowd to tell us all and always that they are the ones speaking for the true America?  They all love the American people.  All of them.

Do we get all of the self righteous, self congratulating bores, chores and loudmouth whores doing their victory dances in black light and neon?  Do we get our hard earned decorum?

Do we get heat in the winter?  Snow in the summer?  Do the clouds roll by?

We just get a hell of a lot for our money.

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