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A lot of things used to be

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A lot of things used to be

When the tail wags the dog the dog needs be a weak kneed dog who thinks that the wagging is an act of god given to him for his unknown pleasure.

Used to be that dumb and dumber could be seen as an economic or social stigma isolating the dumb and dumber in their dumb and dumber cages making such cages fit for the ruling carcasses and those with the sharpest teeth.

Used to be that dumb and dumber were the proud bearers and owners of the good times rolls in the hay with the cross sections of cousins and fauna and multiple means of gentrified inbreeding.

Used to be that there was fear that they could be seen for that which they were by the crass heathens whose money they needed and whose tolerance they courted when stepping out of class.

Used to be that the badge of honor that went with dumb and dumber was a hard sell.

A lot of things used to be.

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