Dominance Games: American Exceptionalism ll

Dominance Games / Politics

A hell of a great country.  The rugged individual, the not so rugged individual can buck the system, pursue prurient dreams, become a hell of man, becomes a hell of a woman.

A hell of a great country.  Freedom is an aspiration.  Freedom of movement is an act from god.  Freedom of thought is an untarnished ideal of angels.  Freedom from fools is not always guaranteed.

Work hard and succeed….. when there is work.  Think hard and succeed…. when there is education.  Charge hard when the road is not blocked.  Charge harder when it is.  Go out in style when there is no pie left to divvy up.

The sacred images, the ideals, the kind hearts and coronets.  The dream lovely, lofty, a giant of a dream.  The pursuits of man, of woman, his or her path to greatness…the magnificent cause celeb in human events….. the chance.  The wonder, the magnificent wonder….inspired, inspiring, haunting.

Kill the suckers who fall down and are left behind.  Make the poor bastards go away and hide.  Play musical chairs with the musical entry into the shadowy image of the dwindling middle classes and see simple dreams thrown back into the faces of the believers.

Keep the chances coming.  Inherit the winds of change.  Ride the backs of the bucking broncs of toughness.  Stand for progress.  Stand for work, striving, the individual unfettered and left to fend for himself.  Tough can survive anything…even the lack of sustenance and the rings of fire around chance.  There should never be however that little help from ones friends…and ones friends need only be the ones that make one jump through the hoops submissiveness and do the dances of subservience.

Strive to let all keep heads high with respect golden and paths shining and out of hell.  No paths … grow a muscle.

Trickle down the follies of avarice.  Trickle them down and set up a pool for drowning.  Just watch out who ends in the pool in the end.  Tough is good.  Mean is better.

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Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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