Dominance Games: Recoil / Afflict the comfortable

Dominance Games / Politics…. Recoil

Right, left, in between.  The mouthers and the talkers and the true believers should never be surprised that sometime, somewhere, some way, some how when they go and go and call out someone over and over and over again that that someone, something, some body, some wimp just might get up off of the carpet of defensive victimhood and strike back.

Prodded, angled , used, abused for political gain or extinction, deep sleeping force should sometimes be left deep and fat and in hibernation.  Arrogance leads to overestimated strength time and time again.  Demonize folk long enough, attack their beliefs hard enough, denigrate their survival cold enough and crying in your beer doesn’t cut it when they don’t like it any more.

Its not an easy world we live in.  Mouthers have the protections of laws and society until they don’t and until they miscalculate the wonderfulness of themselves.  Tough times make tough enemies and hard assed times make hard assed enemies.  Pendulums always swing.  The mouthers who feel good when they have their season in the sun had better not push the damned pendulum too damned hard.  The recoil can cut off their heads.

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The Economist

Dominance Games / Politics…Afflict the comfortable

Fools and weaklings are of a mind to comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable. Communism, socialism, the nanny state, the redistribution of toady-ism, the turning of ones back upon the needs for self justification of the self justified.

The comfortable have no faults, no vices, no needs.  The afflicted have no power, no ways to hurt other than to bleed dry those who are not afflicted, have no way to access the spigot of the worlds money trees.

A difference there is between attacking those with power and those without.  Those with it had best be able to handle that which they dish out.  Those without it had better be able to survive.

Big men and women attack the powerful.   Small men and women attack the afflicted.  The heart goes with those who challenge the gods.  The twisted pleasures of throwing cats off of roofs goes with those who challenge the weak.

Use brains to understand accomplishment.  Use civilization to understand the self righteous bores who cant look at a poor person out of work without affixing upon him the blame.

Oligarchies are for winners.

Of note:

The Atlantic

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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