Dominance Games: Scary

Dominance Game / Politics

Its scary out there.  No work.  No friends.  No understanding.  Mouthers questioning your integrity, your decency, your work ethic, your honor, your right to breathe the same air as their wonderful selves.

Its scary out there.  No home.  No prospects.  No government love.  No power.  No voice.  No rest.  Only weary.

Its scary out there.  No future.  No support.  No little people scurrying and dallying to prop up your spirits so that you can face another day.  Its scary out there.

No mother.  No father.  No Uncle Sam.  No heroes.  No fawners.  No people of worth.  Its scary out there.  No friends.  No relations.  No hope.  No dreams.

Sell your soul for a bushel and a wreck.  Sell your soul for more time in the sun.  Sell your soul to the monsters of the loud, the crude, the un-humble, the wreckage, the force, the power, the unforgiving.   Be a politico, an actor, a ditherer, a talker, a mouther, a cheap plaster saint, a born again and again hypocrite.

Its scary out there.  Stand up for reason….be out of work…out of money…out of friends…be lonely and decrepit and alone.  Its scary out there.  Be a vagabond tramp and think for yourself.  It scary out there.  “Don’t you know I can be ruined,” says the scare monger and demeaner.  “Don;t you know I must do what I must and be what I must because its scary out there and I don’t have the guts to face it alone.  You freeze and live in the gutter.  Not me.”

Yes, it takes courage to find work…to keep work…to have character, to have love and honor.  Yes, it takes courage.  The out of work don’t have it.  The welfare cheats and unemployment compensation whores don’t have it.  The poor don’t have it.. Why should I, the seller of my soul, the breeder of my fear?  I am special.  My job, my income, my status is important.  I must keep it so I can call the unworthy unworthy, call the untrustworthy untrustworthy. I am the worthy.  I sell my soul to scary buyers.  I don’t want to be nullified.  I need to prosper and survive.  Not you.

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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