Dominance Games: Hate ll

Dominance Games / Politics

As with all things in crescendo…

As with all things in aggrieved monumental glory…..

As with the sun rising, the moon falling…the ships at sea sailing…

As with the beauties of living, the fears of living as an unwanted, unrespected, waste of a non human soul….

Power goes where it goes, does what it does, knows what it knows, knows what the poor suckers don’t know.

Power sells what it sells, keeps what it keeps, reaps what it reaps, sells the poor suckers the poor suckers.  Power is pretty.  Power is pert.  That that’s good for power is honestly, really, truly, pretty please honestly, really, truly good for the honestly, really, truly poor little suckers.

Power is devious.  Power is wise.  Power is the calling.  Smart users, honest cruel abusers…. power is as power does.  The rest of the poor bastards is for hate.  Hate, hate…sweet sweet hate.  Hate, hate…sweet inviting hate.  Hate, hate…sweet bed warming hate.  Hate, hate…sweet aphrodisiac fomenting hate.  Hate the champ.  Hate the winners.  Hate, hate…sweet sweet hate, the only damned thing that matters….the true blue currency of all true blue politics.   It is patriotic to hate.  It is spine tingling, self fulfilling, self aggrandizing, self actualizing to hate.  Hate is the woman dreamt about, the man that got away.

Hate makes the world go round, the politicos live, the voters vote, the screamers scream, the schemers scheme.  Hate is currency.  Hate is argument.  Hate is justification.  Hate is the stupidity in our souls, the only way to fly.

Power loves hate.  It does its job.  It blinds its suckers.  It make life smooth and easy.  Power likes smooth and easy.

The puffed out chest, the heightenned breaths, the rising pulsating anticipation of conjugal pleasures….hate is the mistress, the lover, the sinner, the holy pains of ecstatic agony thet serve as the explosions in our souls…

Vote hate…think hate…love hate…get played like a rancid violin on the string sof sweet warm all forgiving hate

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill….



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