Dominance Games: The blind con

Dominance Games / Politics

Economic policy is the much debatable rancid football of our times.  Do we want heaven on earth for our beleaguered country?  Do we want a garden of Eden with life good and cares small?  Do we want the fruits of honest labor to bear fruits of sustainable labor?

Is there access to material, innovation, coordination, distribution, efficiency in markets….all the base underlying needs of wealth and plenty?  If there is plenty to be had then the problem is in how best to access it.  If there is not, then the problem is in how best to find or create it…plenty.

Inefficient systems or insufficient bounties open themselves up to battles over who has access to the ultimate controls of goods and services, force and law, mobility, dictates of behavior, access to survival.  Abundant economies make the jockeying for such power verily a spectator sport with most happy enough to let those in the arena game out their fiefdoms as long as they leave paths of survival for the rest of the worker ants.  In tight times those who have fiefdoms wish only to protect them and keep them…wish only to keep the hordes from the gates, force on their side.  Policy is smoke.  Policy is mirrors.  Policy is tactic and strategy for establishing order, hierarchy, reigns of power, access to the never ending more.

Systems are power based, power centric, power diffused.  Power hungry bastards with power use many tricks to work their ways forward.  Weak sisters and savants dream the dream of being cultural icons and philosopher despots as they bring force to startling rhapsodies of ideological purities.  In the end it is about gaining control of a system shaped and molded by forces at your beck and call.  The interests of the rabble can always be used to seduce and undermine when they are sold a rancid dream and forced down a path where they end up with no say but to find scapegoats for their false dreams gone awry and astray…and hearty thank yous and ass kissing to their patient masters.

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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