Dominance Games / Politics: A world that never was

Dominance Games / Politics

Back in the beginning, after the days of 9/11, when there was threat in the air, danger in the air, uncertainty in the air, moral clarity in the air, unity of conviction, unity of hope, unity of purpose, pride in a nation of solid footing, moral standards, tattered regrets….there was a glimpse of a glowing dawn.

A longing wish for a world of rational, fine actors looking to establish the hopes and dreams of coordinated right and coordinated might for right; a longing wish for a world of pristine hearts of honor going off to challenge the ravages of hell induced souls who delved all to deeply in meals of distortion and hate…..dreams, envies, wishes of false atonement.   It was the call to vanquish the rancid self mocking words and deeds,  self lathering wretched fantasies covered with hardened ignorance and the fervors of those who have nothing save the capacity for fervor to expand upon.

There was then a time, a moment, an instant when the world turned, when there was in that world an opening for the better natures of our spirits, when there was in that world an opening for the truths of our hearts, our nobility, our fierce sense of our mythic selves, the fierce prides built into the fabrics of our character, the sacrifices, sweats, toils, dreams, judgements of those who lived once to do the good and the right.

There was then a time, a moment, an instant when all was possible going forward, all was willing to be sacrificed, all were willing to be asked tough things going forward.  There was a then a time when the stars were aligned by craven accident and true national character cried out to be in play, to be shown the flag, to be shown the meanings of creating worlds free from regressions, scavenging, craving, coveting, callous, insignificant, humorless, self righteous damning souls.

There was that moment.

There was moderation in the worlds that spawned our attackers.  There was adulation and appreciation for our land that still stood for the greatest aspirations that men and women could stand for.  There was a rallying for the right to make evil an unattractive entry, a entity that could not forever stand support from its self interested backers.  There was that…all that.

Great nations, great peoples seize the moment,  seize the initiative, seize the chance, the gifts the fickle gods can bestow.

Great nations, great peoples are not supposed to fail.

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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