Dominace Games: Shadow boxers / Bottom feeders

Dominance Games / Politics

Money.  Money.  Money.  Good time spenders.  Bad time spenders.  Secret spenders.  Heavenly spenders.  Sinister, evil manipulative spenders.  Government bought and paid for.  Voters bought and paid for.  Politicos bought and paid for.  Imitations of real life problems bought and paid for.

We have the structures of systems used, mused and abused.  We have office seekers who can’t file papers unless they get patron saints and holy redeemers.  We have to pay for the muscle of clearing out challenges, challengers.  We have to pay for the dirt machines, the sex machines, the glitch and glitter machines, the trips to downward hell machines.  We have to pay for intimidation, fear, loss, reputation smashing, sustenance threatening, safety ensuring angels of the better natures of those who like what they like, break what they break.  We have to pay for hell in a hand basket and we have to smile and like it….we the powerless, products bought and paid for, are products for sale or for the taking.  Rotten smells rotten, bad….it can be questioned.  Intimidation hurts rotten, bad …it can be felt.   Power hungry bastards can be smelled, divined…they smell.  The propaganda campaigns and fast and easy messaging of propaganda campaigns and fast and easy messaging can be seen for what they are, the paths to the roots of our rootless souls …they can be seen if we have the guts.

Get bought when you can get bought.  Smart money finds other ways to corrupt when the current ones are ineffectual.  That spot in between is an flared opening … a sweet spot for those of the redemptive mind.  May it, the sweet spot, ever live in moody shadows skewered by contempt and laziness.  There is no fun without dirty games in play.

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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