Dominance Games: Bad and murderous public policy

Dominance Games /Politics

So there once was a labor movement that was able to push back against unchecked capitalism.  So there were once trust busters, those crying for fairness and equality.  There were always those wishing to push back against abuse……personal, systemic, hellacious, unrequited.  Action, reaction, synthetic settling of corruptible balances of menace, power, glamor, deviation.  The little boys and girls would wish to get just enough to let the big boys and girls play their games and break their enemies.

Owned souls and orgasmic greed are not too damned pretty but they make the world go round.  Self wonder, self aggrandizement, power seeking is the way of the world.  Greedy, rotten bastards and economic sultans fill the annals of history, society, propriety, song and story.  So damned shocking to see human nature on parade.

Legislate goodness and mercy, civic responsibility and chaste souls.  Legislate smarts,  critical thought, roses and propaganda.  Send away those who gleefully reinforce lovely visceral hates.

Systems get broke.  Systems get gamed and shamed.  They get bought and sold, worshiped and raped.  They get taken, get protected, get mean.  Vulnerabilities in systems get exploited, get wrapped up in pretty little bows and get given as gifts to happy little peddlers.  Too damned big to fail means I got you by the …..  Too damned strong to compromise means I win, you lose, get taken, go drown.  Too damned intimidating to be spoken to means blood gets shed and lives get ruined.  Pity no balance of interests, of powers, of regress, of exploitation.  Mean means being at the mercy of those without mercy.

Broken systems need be fixed.  End game are not winner take all.  Suckers are suckers unless they understand the way things work.  Push is always is answered by push back unless the pushers get smart enough to kill push back and remove those who would do so…push back.  We call that bad and murderous public policy.  Otherwise we have the show and the prospect of someone able to rig the game against the killers, the maimers, the viscous, the sinister.  Don’t hold your breath.

Of note:

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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