Dominance Games / Politics: Show biz is show biz. Dumb stays dumb.

Dominance Games:

Show biz is show biz.  Dumb stays dumb.

In the absence of any real chance to have real people do real things to effect solid policy we get always true stock players and actors for comic relief leading the eternal ratings bonanza of the many loves of the desperate dance prancers of the mawkish melodies of karaoke….. always public spectacle, circus, show, campaign, talk.  Politics as the soft breezes that caresses the day.

Were there a real demand for virtuous speech and honest policy a demand that had some strength and force and a magnitude of pressure then the product given might be something different and become then the boring earnest gab fest done by those who are policy wonks and technocrats and goal oriented softies.

The grand free marketplace of political discourse has responded over and over again to the demands put upon it to keep using the bells and whistles and keep sending out the B actors and commercial product/placement players that fill the void of off time programming and sullied lives that is the solid entertainment of political farce.

We demand in our political markets certain drama, certain heroes, certain villains, certain forms of shadow dance.  We accept the game as it is and wallow it its debauchery.  The efficient market then gives us sun and fun and sweet nothings made up of feckless promise and grand sham.  There is no there there.  Our political games are show games and they are nice posteriors and sweet projections.  Central casting gives us plot, words, story, character….all is the process, the marketing.  All good entertainment has / lets the show become the reality.  The demand is for mindless entertainment, quick thrills, blood curling tempests.  The showmen have long experience and vast knowledge.  Show biz is show biz.  Dumb stays dumb.

Of note;

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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