Dominance Games / Politics: The sweetly malignant

Dominance Games / Politics

The numbers say that 99 percent is more than 1 percent.   The power says that 1 percent is more than 99 percent.  The 99 percent are nicely split between those who think they’re getting shafted and those who think they’re just being stopped from licking the boots of the kings and queens.  Upward mobility means playing the game of the ones who own the store.  Any competent realist knows that.

The sweetly malignant of the 99 percent wish to tear down all that is holy…not unlike the sweetly malignant of the tea’s and their ilk.  The little devils want either a rogue malignancy of the left or the right.  The others wish America to be America….definition to be determined by what ever megalomaniac is in the defining mood.

The problem seems to stem from the point of view of the boys and girls on the economic outs.  Do they see a rigged game.  If they see a rigged game do they see it rigged by by those who stop producers from running amok or by those who stop suckers from getting a piece of the systemic and economic action?  It seems as though the powerless should be able to identify the powerful and the suckers should be able to identify the way they are played.  But alas not.  The devils of our hearts have to stay the bad guys until beyond all hope and beyond all reason they can be seen as bearable.  In this climate that is a tough out.  The devils of our hearts are simple beings that need to bear the brunt of our comfort zones and frustrations.  They just will never leave.  The devils of our hearts are that which we see behind every tree and shrub, bush and factors talking sense.

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