Dominance Games / Politics: Death by any other means. War by love.

Dominance Games / Politics

Certain talkers and mouthers and candidates of various flavors and stripes and different flavors of cotton candy grandly, majestically kneel royally to bend their messages, bend their truths, bend sacred apparent iconic natures of consistency, logic, belief, reason, credulity.  With the sublime gusto and merciless aims of strident warriors and granite augured figures of legend the fly as standard bearers for slick, trick and quick.

Speech mellifluent, stentorian, beloved, scintillating and rabid.  Speech ribald,  deathly, banal, coveted, true flaming arrows, well aimed smart bombs, happy little snide and cynical strategic little plays and back slapping little acts of shaping coveted alternate realities.

Vaunted speech is wide in the vacuum of worlds they reflect.  Vaunted speech is fraught with views and worlds and worldviews skewed darkly as to allow images of the reflecting mists of acceptable reality and the reflecting mists of allowable denial to shimmer in league with muse and fable.

Marvelous spears of masters and the adept know true their aim,their marks, their paths to heaven.  Openings allowed them in their drives for canonization, control, pandering, use, domination, hate, accomplishment and ascendant flair are gifts from heaven and the gads of needy beggars.

There is always ascendance or survival, the playing of the malnourished and non washed, the charges going forward and sights true upon the prize, the ball, the   soft flesh open to rupture, the soft mind open to rapture.

push or bully,m wheedle, con or fool marks go where they must go, go where they must wish, go where they have no choice.  Conceits taken, mistruths told, stories mined and used for pity, hate, comfort, joy then are always the adorned means towards the establishment of peons waiting and greatness fulfilled.  Death by any other means.  War by love.

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Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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