Dominance Games / Politics: Oh …the horror. Oh..the humanity.

Dominance Games / Politics

There is not passion for dealing with the vagaries and the nonentities of the vapid politics.  The vast cognizati of every day life masquerade as simple put upon citizens who have not time for the debilitating nonsense they see and have instead to make survival wages and steer clear of posses of deliberate fools who would rap them upside the head on a whim and a prayer.

Side show and constant embarrassment the political, flirty, dirty to the touch;  abusive, useless in expression; reusing, using, reflecting upon sinister gain.  The carnal stuff of banal folk and the wan adventures of gilded lilies and spruced up stuffed dandies things frolicking, political and celestial are the games of choice for the stalkers, the skulkers the monster devils, the ghosts who grin wide with wide great green grins and stab sweetly with seething, burning long and jagged knives and ice pics.

Fossil fuel for moving hamsters running in wheeled cages of circular and regressive redundant elliptic and largely ignored thought, politics is rancid cotton candy.

Tis the last refuge of the hyper activity, the happy home of hunched over Igors foaming through the mouth with dripping dreams and fawning derisions, with droopy bites open for  tail of newt and horns of toad.

The shining sin of shining sin is hard and dangerous.  The cesspool of life, deliberately slimy and intimidating is hard and of trepidation.

Tough love toughs of mouth and fable, stern muscular loners of story and legend, hard charging fixers of business and dirt….where oh where are these happiness toys when it comes to the daily dirt of daily life…..lean, mean tough and  and smart; coy and dour and worthy goes up against the devil. Lean, mean tough and  and smart; coy and dour and worthy with drive and purpose and good use of good can stare back at the devils and take on the knives in all of the shadows that kill, maim and rake over all comers who dream the dream of dead rotten.  Dead rotten stays forever

Tough, rotten, fed up, tired killers….take on the true nature of the floating political and are turned to thickening jell.  Oh …the horror.  Oh..the humanity.

Of interest:

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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