Dominance Games / Politics: Love the muggers…again

Dominance Games / Politics

A reprise of thoughts.

Since all processes around all politics are fixed only when they are not and it is no great surprise that all of our paragons of virtue and sincerity, hawkers and talkers, buyers and sellers, dregs and bastards and freedom lovers all, fight mightily for their very own little trips, sends, ends, songs and stories, fights and flights of fancy….. That they and fight mightily not, never, nil and with little understanding of or care for the preservation, reflection, representation, happenstance or systemic virtues of a  non comic, non demonic, non dead democratic republic…….

Politics ain’t bean bags and the stakes are always high, the pressures always great, the threats to law and order always lurking,  the urge to maximize power a fact of dread human existence.  With the evils of the world always looking, lurking, spawning, crowning one is left to be happy with those who just don’t go for outright thuggery, oligarchy, gangsterism, the bums rush and the souls nullification…… the not so tough bargain when seeing hearts of hearts.

With the no there there to incentify a thought for a system  of rational political markets, limiting political markets, non fixed, non intimidated, non slanted, faked, baked or voided political markets….. why have markets protected from scum

The holier than thou, the disciplinarians at the gate, the self righteous buffoons in chief, firm and fair reformers with flair, sure to be naive practicing cynics with grudge, killers with tools are sure to be stopped by all who have no vested interest in political outcomes or the roles of competing interests making workmanlike honest dynamic policy.

No push is a push too far?  No war is a war too childish?  No world view is a world view too acceptable ?  Those who love to skin ripe enemies work through the virtues of man and cut to the chase.  Virtue fondles sin.  Love fondles grand muggers.  Love the muggers.

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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