Dominance Games / Politics: Heartbeats of the human condition

Dominance Games / Politics

Coming, coming, coming ….the concentration of the best and most wonderful to lead us in our hours of hope …. all enviable and well loved and protected by grand freedoms earned over time with blood, sweat, tears, will and purpose.

Battle lines drawn, battle grounds set, power plays played, lemmings in place, the fault lines of the system papered over and the trumpets blaring.

The sheer dizziness of heart thumping and the preaching.  The dramas and fights for hearts and minds.  Speed the pulse, whip the flair in the nostrils, put the wind at the back of the good and dainty.

All scenes will be familiar.  All actions will be bloated.  All charades will be pleasant and all dreams of failure will neither surface nor go away.

Sullen power will go towards the places it finds most comfortable.  Manic influence will work long and hard at its chosen profession.  Scammers, vultures, bottom feeders, task masters will look slyly in the muck for their feeding grounds.

Pushers will push.  Preeners will preen.  Debtors will be under water always and forever.

The racks will break the unable.  The ferocious will devour the uneducated.  The push for order and hierarchy will find wings of gold.

The stresses are there.  The openings are always there.  Hierarchy, order are the heartbeats of the human condition….

Of note:

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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