Dominance Games / Politics: Look ma, the dust bin of history

Dominance Games / Politics

Look ma, a giant of America politics and jurisprudence.

Look ma, a person of stature and standing …… one who strides the swath of government as a colossus of time.

Look ma, a person of fortitude and vision…a person four steps ahead of the ominous future …. a person of strength and adulthood.

Look ma, a humble baron, steeped in responsibility and duty …. steeped in the ability to navigate the vagaries of power and corruption, the corruptions of lust and retrieval that constantly snip at the fine heals of the hells of fate.

Look ma, a person of will and want …. a person of pride and humility; a person of drive and rectitude.

Look ma, a person to solve problems, a person to keep idiots focused, a person to muscle away the stupidity of the crass.

Look ma, a chimera, a ghost, a memory of past greats and grants and vaunted images of stone.

Look ma, a rechargeable master and the keeper of the flame of the core of us.

Look ma, the mythic creature, the false hood, the fairy tale, the hyped charm of public relations.

Look ma, the devil in the screeching dress come to give us self respect.

Look ma, the vanished hope and a losers lair.

Look ma, the dust bin of history.

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Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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