What is Democracy but an attempt to balance competing powers within the structures of a political system while allowing that some of those competing powers fall to an engaged public at large.

In this the season of our political show it is important to recognize that the public is getting a chance to access power in the political system by influencing mightily and well the state of our events whereas the tails that wag the dogs love the dogs… us… who beg for fleas.

Are we set up so that an organized group of actors who know the mechanics of the reigns of and lines of power in real world settings can work around or within these lane in order to harness force, cut off force, play with toy decisions, toy decision makers?   Are we set up to allow for the grand illusions of participatory government by those who participate only in which cystic ways the off color debates will continue so that the self impressed flacks can keep being puffed up capon like holy warriors.  The world’s heaven sent beacon serves its magic mushrooms.

Those with real power suffer the slings and arrows of our adversity.  Those with paths to navigate and knives to wield and backs to savor and stab get giving a rats behind for love.

The system smugly benefits those who work it from the outside.

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