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Keep the advertisers happy

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Leave us love the drama, the show, the grand supreme scene and elucidatory evocations of serious people  doing serious things for the sake of serious ideas and happy peasants dancing around the campfires of the village harvests as the skies shine full and bright and blue moons with harvest in the air and stories of demons and goblins being thrown about in harrowing debate.  The challenging of the harmonies of the simple world and the creating of the ramps and roads to tomorrow slip on the glide paths of milk and honey.

The show educates, lets us wallow in our collective sentience, allows us to have our retched moments after with loathsome fire breathers who will tell us what we wish after all is said and done.

The stakes are high.  The passions are keen.  The roaring train of legitimacy come searingly towards the centers of our universe.  It is all about the flames of hope and the big feature that keeps the advertisers happy.

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