Trust in his goodness

At least if the crazies win and take over the country and celebrate the joys of idiocy and anti intellectualism to their dear little hearts content we are all spared the worst of all possible worlds.

In the epiphanous   work of Plato and in the political theory of the ages democracy is the best of governments as when corrupted it is the least bad with the least amount of decrepit souls getting the short end of the stick and the most amount of decrepit souls getting to be plaster saints and weak kneed demigods.

The creeping disorder of death by inbred brain cells can always be a bi-product of the rants and raves and hates of those who know the best way to a forearm shiv.  The splendid gregarious harmony brought to bear by the mournful wallowing in the the tall grasses of success may lead the hammering winners to lop off heads and drown babies but it protects the right of the majority to gladly define morality and good grace.  The greatest good for the greatest number.

Degrees of sophistication are meaningless baubles put out by pedantics who have no respect for common wisdom.  The joys of being as dumb as they come.

The so many common folk that the good lord made in his love trust in his goodness.

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