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The "To the ramparts" Suite

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The “To the ramparts” Suite

The only time it matters is when the mirror tells them so

Intransigence sells where it sells.  Staunch ideology sells where it sells.  The power of those who know how to access their way to corner the system goes to those who know how to access their way to corner the system.  Their voters, supporters like that they get heard, like that they beat down godless heathens, like the sweet smell of success, excess. like their moments in the putrid sun, like being able to pull wings off of flies with impunity and immunity.

The lair of the devil is the lair of the devil. The homes of the devil are the homesof the devil.  The devil don’t listen to the scum that it derides…. it is a message free zone of puffed up chests and driven rancor…. with love.

To beard the lion one must beard the lion.  To break down the reasons one must cling to in order to protect their turf one must make them weak reasons….preaching to the heavenly choir of good don’t cut it.

If fools are fools then the only time it matters is when the mirror tells them so.

Jam it if you want it

The killers never go away.  They just hide until they can manipulate events and things so that they can be the eternal enforcers.  Sainthood and hatred are very good fuel for working this out.

Killers probe and probe and probe and probe … a constant technological, digital, emotional, fear smelling assault, probe.  There are always ways in.  There are always ways out.  There are always happy little damned suckers and flighty little dancers.  There are always those in the good grace of God.

Never see moderation through the hazes of hope, logic and exhaustion.  Wishing on a star is nice but disappointing.  Jam it if you want it.

Rule is what is longed for

To be a real grown up is to be a tough son of a b.  The demented poor poor moderates are there and not, OK and not, passionless and not, unable to counter all full-sides from the scowling right, the indignant left, those with grit in their soused middle.

Tough, smart, authoritative and demeaning…. the happy hamsters of the middle never see nonsense for nonsense, never show up nonsense for nonsense …. never deal with bratty children or over weened teenagers as bratty children or over weened teenagers.

Who will smack down the smackers… vilify the vilifiers … make trivial the trivializers, demand not plead …. be skeptical not caressing, like governance not rule.

Rule is what is longed for… not long ago and far away.  Governance is for losers.

I love power

Happy are those who love the freedom to be.

Happy are those who love the freedom to be free of law and structure and stricture and all around bad vibes brought to bear by those who are enemies mine.

Laws are made for picking and choosing and democracy means never having to abide by the sanctions of government and institutions run by the enemies of my right to be me.

Power stems from the barrel of a gun.

I can intimidate and threaten as the whim hits.

Power comes from the barrel of a gun.

I love power.

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