Play into their hands

Play into their hands

So the government now knows all the stuff that we poor bastards have been giving away for free to corporate America and corporate world and corporate hackers and sweet little second graders in Dubuque and we are are charged, chagrined, apoplectic and mercilessly scared.

So they have our thoughts, our dreams, our movements, our loves, our hates, our night sweats and our false stories and false hearts.

They have our fears, our limits, our fugues, our dirty little heroes and our loose little demigods.

They have our tricks, our safe places, our movements, our pulse of pulses.  They have what magic we don’t have and they have the imaginations we have given away in sending to the public space the mean grifters and lout shadow boxers who would play the excesses we fear for all they’re worth just so that they could keep it going and have enough time to get a handle on it.

Government is an evil thing.  Lack of government is an evil thing.  Break it too much and mean power grabbers get more.  They are mean and know how to exploit all evils good and bad.

They smile while they blow.  Play into their hands.

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