Go out in the morn. See if I can make it to dinner. Bang. Bang.

Go out in the morn.  See if I can make it to dinner.  Bang.  Bang.

All gun owners are by definition responsible.

All guns , by definition, are only accessed by responsible gun owners who, by definition, are responsible and who, by definition, only allow responsible things to be done to, for and with their responsible guns.

Responsibly, If I want to protect myself so and go after the tyrannical government it is good to see action against normal citizens as a proving ground.

Responsibly, since guns are the ultimate expression of my manhood I need to constantly express.

Don’t look at me sideways. I love intimidation.

Guns are strictly for defense.  Attack.  Never.

Every one is trustworthy.

I want to go out into the world where everyone is armed.

Think of the various games, permutations, arrogance dances and aggressive shimmies that can be dealt with for enlightened pleasure on a daily basis.

Go out in the morn.  See if I can make it to dinner.

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