The business model of these United States

The business model of these United States

And when there are no jobs for the masses and everything is efficient and cheap as the grand trends of technological prowess and little use for the labor or the thinking of the regular regular guy comes to pass ….. and when those who may benefit tout the changes … promise worlds of wonder ….. reap the benefits of the forces they push, see and love … as those same wish to ride and direct said forces, implement a good solid business model ….  cheer as the dull, stiff, stifling, dreary business model of these United States just goes on and on and on …. the oligarchical political models of these United States just go on and on ….

Any pragmatic wished for wistful, dreaming, cherishing, planning for the ghosts of a phantom and chimeras vibrant middle class amongst the happy little  foul manipulators, power players, would be oligarchs and fascists ….. tis a task for the  dead, the dreamers and schemers and foolish unethical drones who wish to spread the wealth, undo the cornering of the survival markets …. mock those worthy to be  mocked, dropped, fought, discredited ….

Concentrations of power and control of assets, movement, wealth distribution need stand firm and tall and free.

The future belongs to the game and those who can game it.

dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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