Splendidly dripping blood …… brings the jackals

Splendidly dripping blood …… brings the jackals

The parameters, the paradigms, the strategies, the callings, the stucturings    …. all of our systems political, systems vocal, systems criminal…. all the worlds inside, outside, in between and from heaven  … all of these have changed, evolved, hatched, ratcheted up and down, through and through egregiously  ….. the world political, of the powers, the strivers, the fixers, tricksters, mixers and bums ….. all this  has to be made blood sport, arching, yelling, purring, clawing, exploding blood sport that can bring orgasm to the players innards with fire, hunger, lust, greed and simplicity.

The actors, the players, the mules don’t go into the fray for the sheer cheap motifs of faith, hope and charity …..  the motif is textured lightly  ….. force, revenge, power, godliness …. the system must certainly play to the user  …. the business must certainly play to the consumer.

Zero sum games. Games of use, abuse, break, fawn, own, enrapture ….. ride the wild winds of forced vulnerabilities ….. tis the sport of it and the blood of the poor poor innocents being slaughtered that fill the air with splendid endless anticipation.

Splendidly dripping blood …… brings the jackals.  They do what jackals do.

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