What is the right time to stand against the authoritarian stain?

What is the right time to stand against the authoritarian stain?

Monsters are.  Punks are.  Seeing them for what they are is seeing them for what they are.  Bias against monsters, punks, authoritarian stampers is a good and rational act.  Fairness does not enter the picture if such analyses are correct.  There is no obligation to normalize rank behavior whether such is ascendant or not.  Elections and actions have consequence and actors who call out the many and pick fights with the heart and souls of democratic ideals and innocent “others” know that which they do and know that which they provoke.  Taking away the natural response of rational people is their play to allow rationality, insight and the critical mind to no longer be a factor in the public domain.

The normalization of that which is not normal is the greater crime.  If the analysis of the banal vileness proves wrong it is in response to risk management and the need for a stiff backbone.  Punks and power hungry mice need always be watched. …

What is the right time to stand against the authoritarian stain?

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