Dominance Games: The sultry seductions of the vapors of the damned

Cry baby, cry.  Tears baby, tears.  Play baby, play.  Be baby, be.

Use baby, use.  Be used, babe, be used.  Worry about the bastards money coming down the pike and up the river making rich richer, making color colorful. making bright brighter for dim bulbs.   Champion aggrieved. Hedonistic moralizing.  Falling swans turn ugly ducklings over night…and the opposite.

Buy us.  Sell us.  Have us for lunch.  Have us for dinner.  Have us for play and pay, for divine indifference.  Learn the simpletons, embrace the sentence structure of those who have good talk.

Feel the heat.  Turn coy the passion.  Turn coy the scintillating seduction, the sighs, the winks, the nods, the sultry seductions of the vapors of the damned.

Cheer us on.  Break cold.  Break us down.  Tell us no tales.  Whip us no lies.  Treat us our little hearts with no tenderness or affection.

Maul us.  Devour us.  Bore us.  Sicken us.  Convince us.  Buy us.  Sell us.  Churn us up and spit us out.  Charm us freely.  Own us whole.  We have the worth.

Push and pull.  Maim and lame.  Deafen with soulful sins.

Champion us.  Chump us.  Chumped us listen.  Chumped us get rain.  Chumped us believe.  The searing truth, bought and sold, dressed up for candle light.

Buy the buy.  Spend the spend.  The scum ain’t buying nothin’foe nothin’, spending nothin’ for nothin’.  We ain’t getting nothin’ for nothin’.

Store bought wraps.   Painted woman.  Rotten candy……. Sure enough.  Tomorrow and tomorrow.  Give early and often.  Buy early and often.  Vote early and often.

Stays bought.   Gets bought.   The badge of honor.  Paid for the badge of honor.  Elections: the usual and the cheap.   The shell games and the phony fronts.  The messages suckers listen to…….Idealists be happy.

Of many

Jessica Levinson    Huffington Post

politics, news, commentary, analysis


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