Dominance Games: For the fairy tales told their lying hearts

Sometimes you see a dance step you’ve seen a thousand times before and its just a damned dance step.  Sometimes you a dance step you’ve seen a thousand times before and its  a damned whirlwind of warped motion and preening idiocy.  Sometime thing just go bump in the night and sometimes things get so that one more dollop of the same old same old can cause one to tremble with the bends and haves seizures of anguish at the thought.

How banal is banal.  How dull is dull.  How useless is useless.  Worthless is worthless.  Simple minded is simpleminded.  The automatons conquer again and again.  The first best scourge of the weak of mind and backbone…prefabricated noxious thought that makes spectators dirty and creepy when forced to be in any close proximity…… the automatons of political sneering conquer again and again.

Can’t we ever just give a slap to the back of the head and say shut up already.  Be a sentient being.  Please, no more of sicken and be perverse.,,, no more the love of spewed garbage. The lands of dead minnows allows deader minds to prosper.

Coming and coming.  Ding and dong.  Preen and posture.  Fill the breeze with dementia, diversion, positioning and incubating viral forms of the ever continually obnoxious.

Oh, the bother to be an eternal waste of time when you’re going to be an eternal waste of time.  To lord and conquer.  Steer the ship of state as a drunken sailor. Protect and serve….  fairy tales told their lying hearts….told our sighing, dying, lying hearts.  Lord over, break down, pick up the pieces, sit on top of the rancid pile.  The future luminous and bright.

Just a gigolo and the pimp…. the princess and the madame….and all the lame damned fools who fall for them, cede to them, bow at the feet of them so damned often, so damned wisely and so damned well.

Elections are for suckers.

Lori Montgomery  Washington Post

Jason Millman   Politico

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