Dominance Games: The music gets played that finds an audience. Rancid worlds to experience.

Seethe with hate.  Dance with joy.  Bend over with the bends.  It is surely always thus…but thus so much.  Were there ever so damned many loud mouthed hypocritical obnoxious boors of all stripes and injuries polluting the overriding either and making it impossible for a person interested in anything political to not be inundated with stuff he thought thankfully left behind in preadolescence.  Animal house is a standard bearer of dignity when put up against the scenes and voices of politics America….the best the world has to offer.

Were there ever so many self satisfied self indulgent audience flagellating boors bandying about everywhere attacking the senses of anyone with eyes and ears….  Don’t attack bad guys with classical music …make them listen to and watch the politically minded go about their daily shows and spleen wrenching skewing of truth, logic, class, wit, intelligence, honor, decency, fair play, adulthood. Send the children to bed at night without their supper and they will take it as a reward if they can run away and hide.  But we must indulge our hates, our churlishness, our pettiness, our smallness, our lack of character.  So the music gets played that finds an audience.  We get whats smart enough to play us.  We are our own creations and rancid worlds to experience.

On The Record    Greta Van Susteren

Andy Barr   Politico

Mark Joyalla   Mediaite

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Dominance Games / Politics


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