Dominance Games: The righteous right all wrongs

And the virulent shall be pure and the pure shall lead and the true shall beckon heaven and the good shall be forthright.

And the secure shall be strong and the tolerant shall falter and the self righteous shall be our sultry light in the skies.

And the humble shall be honored and the loud shall not be silenced.  The quiet shall not simmer.  The reflective shall have no time, shall have no home.  The reflective shall be taught to do no other thing.

The rich shall be of fire.  The poor shall be of disdain.  The winds shall not be of reaping.  The thieves shall not be of compromise.

Backs shall be straight.  Limbs shall be strong.  Aim shall be true.  Thoughts shall be lustful.

And the principles upon which we operate, the motives upon which we devour ourselves, the kings and queens upon whom we give crowning glory….they shall be fierce and bold and tirelessly partisan and mundane.

With operations secure, tactics lovable, power attainable, rewards wished for and devoured, status irrevocable, demonic possession certain…… the tireless sinners of tireless sin work mightily to strike their flags and work their wonder.

Pound the agendas of overriding principles…the agendas of derision and virtue.   Work hard  the purity of position.. it is there for the being.  The tactics steam of bludgeoning, of mashing, of pounding, crowning, frolicking, and breaking, burning, humbling, destroying….. war by any other means, war by all means….war is the beauty of the good soldier partisan…the very good mindless soldier partisan.

The high octane warriors of the here and now ….. their calling…. their mission… their honor and right.  They are not the weak sisters and empty vessels of weak kneed shakers.  Take no prisoners, spare no blood…be the warriors warrior…the true nobility of cause  The political cream of our enthralling epoch.

Home shall be where the heart is.  The righteous shall right all wrongs.

The Economist

Jennifer Steinhauer

politics, news, commentary, analysis

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