Dominance Games: One more damned time…..the rancid bastards

Simple damned questions.  What lovelies evolve to power and control?  What lovelies evolve away?  What are the sweet little mechanisms thereof? Who gives enough of a damn to recognize broken mechanisms?  Who gives enough of a damn to give a damn about how a vote is no more than a show and the vote for things  preset and gamed in the first place is a damned stupid show.  Its the system stupid.  Its the suckers stupid.  It the ideology stupid.

And once again ..with feeling…



The red roses are red

The blue violets are blue

Violate my little life…..

Love the rancid bastards

We all stand in line.

Mickey Edwards   The Atlantic    How to turn Democrats and Republicans into Americans

David Moberg   In These Times   Unions work to turn the tide

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