Dominance Games: Flak takes on the world and its gold

So we get beaten over the head every day with the mad wonks and spry slippers of politic land telling us sincerely that they are aware of and involved in dealing with the main important issues of the day.

They tell us true what today’s truths are…what tomorrows truths should be and what yesterdays parades of truths really were.  In  grand currant luminous wisdom they  impart to us the multileveled discount price of only having to listen.

Misery indexes, talking points, power presentations …..the real , the unreal, the imagined…what the hell… there can be a damned good story to sell, a damned good angle to use…a damned good lot of fool listeners to play with.   Slogans, baked truths, dilemmas, slithering vixens… the truth shall conquer all.  The game is on and the truth shall conquer all.   Sit and listen and care really.  Realities and complexities of any blow back…. the tricks of the trade

Hard edged eager takes on the world and its gold.   Renounce political advertising.  Renounce political posturing.  Renounce as obnoxious bores the players and our buddies, our friends and icons who try to game the game, the arguments, the funnies of our thought.  Make em work for their money…..Right and Santa gives mothers day eggs on Halloween and the fourth of never.

GOP draws blood with Michigan map  Alex Isenstadt  Politico

The conservative media’s pay-for-play deals

Want better coverage on talk radio?  Buy it…David Frum  The Week

The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…..the thrill..

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