Dominance Games: Truth, justice, traps

Names and things.  People, places, names and things.  There is a reluctance in this retched little corner of the world to discuss the myriad depths of political, power, activity in terms of specific people, false front mimicking cyphers, the  almost real imitations of almost real cardboard cutouts, sickly fire hydrants and immature fires in terms that give credence to the indoctrinal facts of their fretful being.

The talk of personality is often unsettling as the true nature of the public characters is a non important thing as the presence of substance is just usually an illusory waste of time and the absence of same is that that is simply taken for granted.

The acts of the recognition of the pseudo packaged, over glossed lolly pops that pass for burlesque entertainers in today’s constant marketplace of farce is little more than bowing to the inevitable let down that generally comes when the reality of the rancid circus hits home and the flock and the sounds and the dances performed we see is our reward for being good little girls and boys.

The disgust here is not with the obvious disgust engendered by those who do disgust for a living but with the failure of any effort what so ever to slap silly all of the over aged adolescents and to make them act old enough to take out the car for a plea their first junior prom.

It seems more worthwhile to try to game the game playing, sucker the sukerdom, flake off those upon whose acceptance our very grand inanities play out, bow down and worship the self satisfied smug wisdom of all of those who pat themselves on the back with the knowing manner of the acceptance of politics as the mind numbing bottom feeding race to the bottom.

Stand with strength for truth, justice, the American way without falling into the traps set by those who would yap at the feet, nip at the ankles and call anything non ideological weak and pseudo intellectual and be a comic book imitation of a comic book imitation.  There’s money, power, fun and sexual gratification there for the yappers, the nippers……sick stomachs there for the rest of us.

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Dominance Games / Politics  politics, news, commentary, analysis…The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true.


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