Dominance Games: Our grand national dream

Its time to be patriotic and to happily celebrate the American Political system and its much noted capacity for being skewed towards the rancid partisanship of an elementary school shouting match complete with argument and truths always derived backwards from conclusion to premise to the optimum powers going to the optimum bullies.

We will celebrate our proud heritage of freedom and liberty by redefining the words to mean, as always, freedom from all views with which we disagree and liberty to call all adversaries evil and unpatriotic……. if history can be written by the winners than the definition of true Americanism can be coined by the speakers, the spinners, the propagandists.

In this season of our grand national dream we have set the table for a winner take all, no holds barred, totally gamed and cynical system of representation where the most ideological and least pragmatic, responsible, mature, understanding among us get to work their personal hates and dislikes to the detriment of all else.

Politics is not at all the profession of governance…it is the profession of in your face meanness and close minded self righteous bores.

They have won the system and they wish to be the best gamers of same.  There is no practical incentive for any real change.  The criers who bemoan the power of the wings and come out in favor of promoting voice foe the possibly responsible middle disappear when they may have the actual ability to act as they too seem to just wish their enemies no good.  They, too, talk good, act not at all.

The electorate does not give a damn about the machinations of the political and is ignorant of how they are gamed.  they think the system is some approximation of responsible democracy.

As always in celebration of independence….Welcome to freedom.

Lexington  The Economist  Bargaining and Blackmail

Fred J Epstein   Politico     Minnesota blame game ramps up

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