Dominance Games: Blowing the gig America

Skunk that skunk.  Maim those weak.  Fry order.  Dump decency.  Right  worth.  To elect is to be  right as rain.  Fair fights  and demon idiots win in the world of dreams.  In the world of wants.  In the world of how does it feel to want.  Competition flourishes  and you win a Buick.  Games on games.  Wheels on wheels.  Naked whimsies of naked riders riding naked on horseback….. nakedly.  The fantasies and virtues of  fantasies of virtue are long and luminous.

When there has to be a vote…make it crooked.  Where there has to be an electorate fix it.  Where there has to be a district game it.  Where there has to be a show….dance.  Politics is for suckers.  Might is for pros.

Common Suckers.

Lift that bail.  Tote that barge.  Skunk that skunk.  Hammer that nail.  Moral dignity and severe belonging.  Group buzz and kumbayah.  From the bottom up comes the power to change, to be wise.  From the bottom up comes the holy hell of the saintly pedestals upon which the bottom feeders and the  mighty pigs rest and lord.  From the bottom up.

Grand stability and surely supporters.  Roving marauding monsters cover great wide swaths of devouring nightmares devouring all before them as inebriated locusts in eternal heat swallow any governance and replace work with battle.  From the bottom up dreams come true.  From the bottom up America works.  So it goes.

From the bottom up comes the power,the virtue, the massive movements  hard knocks,  hard pain, sharp elbows, hurting places.  From the bottom up comes ribald thuggery and haunting bleeding.  Grab assed grab ass…. from the bottom up.

The base up.  The foundation up.  Many times, many ways the power in government and life comes from the base up, the foundation up.
Building blocks supreme support edifices and efforts of grand public pooh baas, void doers, do gooders and all serious scholars.  Mountains of sadistic gain are built lovingly and to the credit of justice from the bottom up.  When it does its good work and is in good grace.

From the bottom up.  Many times, many ways the shining power in government and life comes from the bottom up.  Many times many ways.

America, America……home home on the range

East side west side…… Johnny comes marching home

Oh say can we see…..the grand old flag

Look away, look away …the midnight ride of Paul Revere

Lizzy Bordon took an ax

This land is your land…  Georgia on my mind

The summer soldier and the winter patriot

The issues are complex

The issue dealers are power junkies

The system stays gamed

Day after day

What’s a citizen to do

Cry in his ineffective beer

Vote the system

Play holy and be the gamed happy gamer forever and a day

Cry and whine

Bitch and moan

Sweetly make no wily intrepid political tripes pay any price what so ever for blowing the gig America

politics, news, commentary, analysis  Dominance Games / Politics  The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true.


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