Dominance Games: The long knives

We can best be protected from extreme evil in the political sphere by spreading around power as much as possible.  The philosopher king or the wise council of elders may be, in their pure forms, the most admirable and efficient forms of governance.  They may bring the best of virtue, vision, majesty, bearing and trust.  These forms may be the abject model of all seekers of wisdom and truth, all seekers of greater, better existence for greater, better political entities, systems, states, facts.  Wisdom and virtue flow undiluted, unfragmented from implementer.  Implementation is a dream..

Virtues  in these epochs of rule are great but as it is with all such things the templates always seem to have equal and opposite flip sides.  The greater good is matched by the greater evil and in real terms governance is best served when as a staunch representative of protection from harm.  The positive is as a bonus…an unexpected bonus of maturity and purpose, reflection and wisdom…that which when it comes… survives…leaves hope.

This is as close to safety we can come to in a world dependent upon the rational and irrational hates and passions of the bubbling classes.  Passion has its virtues…and its price.

In these aspects and respects…we crave our loved version of mass influence…our republic…our democracy.  All done well, good may prosper, right may flourish, balance may be achieved.  All done not so well…most of the mob survives the long knives, the hounds, the wolves, the cuts and the destruction.

Politics is kick ass and dangerous, armed and dangerous, dangerous and dangerous.  Grateful we are for what we see as the limits to the mass dangers we face, in the forms of the base outcomes we can endure.  We bless the phlegmatic, the powerless, the resigned and the the facts of livable survival.  Seeking the better and the good is always the fools errand of the naive known to the knowing and the wise.

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