Dominance Games: Pangs of charmless shame

Dominance Games / Politics

The lustful now brings us a long look at fallow water.  The lustful now brings us all that we wish would go away.  The lustful now brings us no comfort.  It brings us no joy.  It brings us only rancid spectacle….. unhappy charmless debilitating shame.

And again the night comes and the day breaks and the story unfolds.  And again the parties interact and the trends trend and at the bottom of the pile is that long lamented world gone by.  It was different then.  The yesterdays of our dreams.  In ways that were special.  In ways that were good and sincere, lovely and tenacious.  It was charming then… the days before yesterday.  Charm rang us awake.  Hope put us to sleep.  Things were better then.

The sun was brighter then. The days drifted with the clouds then and there was a smile in the air.  Bonds were stronger then.  Fabrics were tougher, more prone to endure.  Thoughts were more thoughtful then, more rational.  Principles were more principled .  The honorable were more honorable.

The laments of past foolishness hurt much deeper, then.  The pangs of past regret ran stronger.  There was a feel that there were good things… good things lost … good things were not unattainable then.  The path from then to now was much clearer then, much clearer.  The virtues were more virtuous then.  The then then was not as good…. now the then is heaven.

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysisThe dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true.


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