Dominance Games: Lynching

Dominance Games / Politics

The flutters of sensuous hearts and the pulsating loins of girded men get solace and relief from the simple joys of comic release.  The health of and general demeanor of the ravaged put upon demand tonic and home.  The sweet birds and angels of paradise flutter simple wings and make symphonies.  It is always time for salvation.

The paradise of functioning bits of grand freedoms, ours.  The paradise of functioning bits of deliberative heavens, us.  The  dreams of our greatness lie languid and salutary, quaint mirrors bought and sold to give skewed reflections in the fun house of our lives.

The sullen songs, the narrow trolls, and the vacant stooges do not yet grasp the ancient effects chaste goodness.  The pranksters and the audacious know sure bits to turn to,  sure lures for ribald audience.  Sweet nights and frenzied fancies are always enlivened by the sparks of audacious warriors.

Evermore the fun rises.  Evermore  irrepressible.  Evermore lounging sleepily and quaintly.  Evermore the tides, the cycles of the moon.

The meek shall inherit the earth with baptism under fire requiring the will to be under fire.  Salvation always demands its time.  With hopes that tree never rots.  That fruit ….hanging low from an old oak tree.

Always the lynchings.  The smooth and terrible lynchings.  The loud blasts and the searing justifications.  The lynchings of process, purpose, representative viability, agenda, the sane.  Always ways the misdirection, the cunning, the wheedling, the weeping.  Power lanes and power functions…. where canst thou be? The pulleys, the levers, the slides, the hammers.  The fronts.  The lynchers.

Ruminations for the hot rabble with the sacks of rocks and the monkeys on their backs trundling through  the deep dark muck of the faeries labyrinthine.

Watch the lynching.  The good fear sets in.

Dominance Games / Politics  politics, news, commentary, analysis…The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true.


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