Dominance Games: The pornographic soul

Dominance Games / Politics

Public images and public brands can easily become inverted.  Faux noble souls exercising free will and petrified manner easily choose against their own self interests.  Perceptions are easily weak.  Premises are easily false.  Logical constructs are easily frayed and superfluous.  Brought to the table of meager existence is a predisposition towards abject dimness and poverty of mind.  Seen are the heavens on earth offered in their anguish as they self identify as rational souls, outlying outlaws, searing revolutionaries,  defenders of the faith, persons of sound judgment and cool reason.

Thought is sold.  It is not bought.  Freedom of thought is sold.  It is not bought.  Economic self interest is passed around and given away.  It is laughed away and made to look foolish.  Cloudy images of a sane and tolerant world are floated up and about by those knowing these endpoint of human endeavor are massively comical and hopelessly ironic.  Reason and virtue amongst the daily thugs of public discourse is a thing of useful derision.   Reason and virtue amongst those who stand tall and straight are invitations to broken heads and little sustenance, to  those who foam at the mouth and love the red meat of swollen enemies.

The obtuse and the inbred know nothing save the next meal.  The sweet tastes of sweet tastes trump always the soothing health foods of good doctors.  The wretched can never simply see what is to be seen.  The wretched can never simply experience what is there to be experienced, what is there bigger than a breadbox.

Enemies mine those who will not see.  Enemies mine those who will not hear.  Enemies mine those who live the cheap thrills and hot candy.  Enemies mine those who live the pornographic.  We live the pornographic.  We are the pornographic.

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill….


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