Dominance Games: The American People

Dominance Games / Politics

All holy mouthers and cynical bores never tire of laying their trust and their vision in and at the heart of the American people.  Instinctively they know that the public is a true public, smart and aware and with values that places them on the right side of the lord.  The praise heaped upon and given to the will of the American people is breathtaking in its sincerity, thrilling in its solemnity, over arching in it deep love of country and tradition.

The American people in their wisdom cant be fooled, cant be tricked, cant be sold a pig in a poke or a bridge in Brooklyn.  The American people are the salt of the earth, the foundation of the mouthers dreams, the reason to lay waste to a life of profligacy and become a public servant.

The American people are, of course, the sole rights and property of the mouther.  They are the sole base upon which to build his or her castles in thin air, the sole basis of a true path to slickness and redundancy.

The American people let the mouther be touched by the hand of God and they let the mouther be an excuse foe a plaster saint and a crippling demigod.

The American people are also they who are pelt constantly and totally with shameless misinformation, denials of truth, seedy cynical power plays and ploy, mind insulting ad campaigns and public speeches, politics made for middle school dropouts.  The true signs of respect and honor.

Trust in the American people.  Trust well.  The best little stooges any act could buy.  Bless the beasts and children

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