Dominance Games / Politics: The room with a view

Dominance Games / Politics:

Poor poor American public.  Talking, speaking, listening, dialoguing, trying so hard to find a satisfactory common ground upon which all can rest weary heads.

Poor poor American public. Trying to grow and prosper and defend and educate, trying to tolerate and obfuscate and derail and incubate.  A legion of ideals, fabrications, factions, factors, dim lights, messianic hoaxes, hardened criminals and simpering bottom feeders.  We come from every which where and we melt together in the great melting pot of rough grub and half baked plaster.

Poor poor American public.  Stimulating essentials of sovereign virtue, stimulating essentials of urban legends and tooth fairies and Halloween ghosts and venal goblins.  Pictures of racks for punishment and spears for flaying dance magically in the fires of sensuous passions and kneeled at deference that define the worlds we wish for and the worlds we wish our future generations.  The magic dragons of puffery and cynicism circle aimlessly as we all see through the prisms of choice the structured worlds of what ought to be.

Uneasy lies the heart that sees a world at odds with the perfection of true right and goodness that the visions of the vision fairies deem to grant us in our hours of yearning.  The spectrum, the sliding scale, the integral proportion of wealth and power, force and deference….oh where oh where can we go?  Where oh where can we find the solace of vision and the comfort of quest that we wholesomely deserve?

All inclusive are we.  A world of aristocracy.  A world of plutocracy, of meritocracy, of politically and morally correct?  A world of structured class and each in his or her place.  A world of simple and constant and ferocious dreams, wants, divides, fantasies, sets, set ups.  What do we aim for?  Who do we bury? What looks good in the mirror?  What is the delineation of place and time?  What is our shared vision?  What is that vague mist of folly and smoke?  Why is there the love of all mankind and simpering fools as their brothers’ keepers?

Of note:

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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