Dominance Games / Politics: So damned complicated

Dominance Games / Politics

The go getters want to go and get.  The go getters want to camp in the camping grounds of those who’ve gone and got.  They want to charge up the hills of glory and reflected glory and throw their lots in with the canny and wise, the achievers, doers, job creators, wealth creators….. the hard working salt of the earth types who roll up their sleeves and build better worlds and make society a growing vibrant place…..That is what they wish to do.  A growing vibrant place is what they want.

The lazy idle and irredeemably intellectual snobbish wish to see the wealth of nations squandered on the lame and the halt and they wish to see the drive for innovation, creativity, risk, action, drama sucked out of everyday life so that all that is left are passionless drones who are the broad bland degenerate useless.

Those who seek redress of problems and bad ways know that they can petition a stagnant government only far too happy to answers to the needs of the afflicted and uncomfortable….that is what governments do…. that is what they are for.

Those wishing honest ascension to the places open to the making their mark, the doing of their wants, the breaking their enemies know that government is the enclave of those who support it, own it, pay for it, structure it, and that the good support of power should yield either the rewards of help or the rewards of no hindrance.

All of our power seekers let go and let alone  know where and when to stop, know where and when to pull back and not conquer or break, know whom to hurt, whom not to hurt, whom to care nothing about.  What collection of diddling fools need interest groups to speak truth to power, to speak muscle to power unchained, to intimidate the intimidators….the put upon care not who their masters are…. the bells and banjos of political and economic practice, discourse, fodder, talk, philosophy mean a mother load of nothing if the only thing able to be trusted is that whichever bastards gain the upper hand…they are the bastards that will screw you.

Respect for power.  Respect for checks on power.  Respect for survival of the fit.  Respect for being brothers keeper….its so damned complicated.  Better to just screw the one your with.

Of note:

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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