Dominance Games / Politics: Special people in a special world

Dominance Games / Politics

We have the morally decrepit and the ideologically pure.  We have those without a brain and those with brains eaten away by the dry rot of misuse, of fear, of pirouetting synapse, mortgaged souls.  We have the galloping thinkers who have their agendas and points of view force fed to them daily from those who would tacitly pull their strings as long as their vile grease can be handled without infection.  Get too close and we have bio hazard.

We have the inveterate liars, the inveterate fools, the cunning schemers, the venal sneering snakes, the good fellows and the proud cowpokes.

We have the orgasmically challenged who look for their fixes in the  lengths and depths of the bile they eat and the flies they catch with their tongues.

Our governing and screaming hero class.

We have the spinsters, the haters, the attention seekers, the frauds, the muggers, the pimps, the gangsters, the degenerate prostitutes, the intimidators, the neo fascists, the owners, the breakers, the showmen and those made of putrid mist.

We have our tethers of moral rectitude and character.

We have the song birds singing for their supper and ruing ours.  We have our stars and fairy god mothers and god fathers,  We have none of backbone, courage, independent thought, critical thinking, scientific method.  We have our unincentified menagerie of players who do what they do and are what they are as the sirens they hear are the sirens they love…. sinister sirens keeping them dull, corrupt, closed minded, power hungry, without honor, without souls, without a care in the natural world.  A good god damn rational notion of governance is a good gad damned pestilence and breeding ground for traitors.

We have those who answer to their fawners, owners, intimidators, back breakers, absence of thought police.  We have our proud soldiers of the lord who have no reason to be any different.  God has made them special people in a special world.

Of interest:

Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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