Dominance Games / Politics: The cynical tramps of their hearts

Dominance Games / Politics

Is it of honor we speak?  Is it of honor we have any concern what so ever?  Is it of past loves and illusions we reference when we beg to pivot in our thoughts and see honor as a concept or a term of some or any validity in our amoral universe?

Is  it of honor that we have a concern or a dream or a faded photograph of when honorable men walked the earth and their honor was a sought after virtue as opposed to a light of derision for the ill suited climbers who see victory at rancidness to be the highest of callings and the surest way to the emotional and material riches that come to those who are in tune with the knowing and the serene.

Is it of honor we dream when we are told again and again that the staunch will not flee and the unthinking will not bend as they substitute the dishonor of ideology for the pain of thought?

Is it for honor we yearn when those of the political sphere see their own private wars as that which is the only thing that is in the arena and that their own little definitions of politics are the only little way to the only little thing things that power and government have to offer …. and to share.  Politics is the way to ungodly power for the ungodly saints.  It is death for sinners.

There is, alas, no nuance in lack of honor only deft slogans for deft folk…slogans to sell slogans to sell oneself.  There is always motive, belief, agenda, fire.  There is always cynicism and greed.  There is the illusion of purpose and the illusion of sincerity always put out by those who show no moral compass save adolescent thought and motive.  There is the mantra of simplicity and the rage of futility.  There are those who are always poised to ride the crest and to ride the wave.  There are always those ready to launch tirades, invective, nonsense as worth and to paint pictures of grand holy warriors as the most furtive and justifiable of wanderers.  Honor, then. is the conquest of the dragon…our self defined, self inflated dragon pink and dragon scary.  Mailable and all purposed all, on their chargers, all, the saviors of humanity and the heroes of their minds.  Or just the cynical tramps of their hearts.

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Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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